3 Types of Halifax Bail Bonds

The bail bonds process can seem overwhelming and difficult to understand, especially if you have never been through it before. Emotions are running high following an untimely arrest, which can make the process even more mystifying. As your go-to source for affordable bail bonds in Halifax, Affordable Bail Bonding is here to help you get out of jail fast. We know that understanding the bail bonds process can alleviate stress and anxiety after you’ve been arrested, which is why we are always happy to answer any questions that you have. In today’s post, we’ll review the three different types of bail bonds. We’ll also review the information that you need if you are requesting a bail bond on behalf of your loved one. Let’s get started.

Types of Bail Bonds

Personal Recognizance

Contrary to popular belief, not all individuals who are arrested have to post bail to get out of jail. In fact, personal recognizance bonds make it possible for an individual to get out of jail without paying any amount of money at all. How is this possible? In a nutshell, the defendant signs an agreement that serves as a written promise that they will attend their court date and they are released.

As you might imagine, personal recognizance (PR) bonds apply to less serious offenses. However, there are other times when the court may grant a PR bond, such as when the defendant is indigent, has a serious medical condition, or there is an unreasonable delay in charges being formally filed.

Unsecured Bail Bond

If an accused is not eligible for a PR bond, it is possible that the court will consider their release with an unsecured bond. This type of bond is similar to a PR bond in that no payment is required for the defendant’s release, but it is different in that the defendant is required to pay a specified amount of money in the event that they don’t show up for a court case. Consider this type of bond a “show up, or else” bail bond.

In other words, unsecured bail bonds don’t have any type of security backing them up. The court may authorize unsecured bail bonds if it believes the accused will return to court as promised or they don’t pose a threat to themselves or others. Good standing within your community, good credit, and being accused of a minor offense all increase the chances that you’ll be eligible for an unsecured bail bond.

Secured Bail Bond

This is the type of bail bond that most individuals are familiar with. This type of bail bond requires that a certain amount of money be paid in order to secure your release from jail. If your bail amount is more than you can pay out of pocket, you can hire a Halifax bail bondsman to help you out. Here at Affordable Bail Bonding, we collect only 10% of the total bail amount as payment for our services.

This means that your bail premium would be a mere $500 if your total bail amount was $5,000. In exchange for this small premium, our bondsmen will pay the full amount of bail to the court to help you get out of jail fast. It is important to note that not all individuals who are arrested are eligible to be released on bail. Individuals who are facing particularly serious crimes like rape and murder are often denied bail because of the threat they pose to society.

Information You Need to Request a Bail Bond

When you call our Halifax bondsmen, be sure to have the following details available:

  • The defendant’s full name and date of birth
  • When and where the defendant was arrested
  • The charges the defendant is facing
  • The jail where the defendant is being held

Thanks to our experience in the industry and connections in the community, our team can help you find some of this information if you do not have it. However, please be aware that the more information you have, the quicker we can get the bail bonds process started.

Affordable Bail Bonds in Halifax

Posting bail to get out of jail fast doesn’t have to be difficult or confusing. Affordable Bail Bonding specializes in making the process quick and easy to understand and we are happy to answer any questions you have about posting bail. Our affordable bail bonds restore your freedom, allowing you to get back to your family and your job as you prepare for your upcoming court date. We gladly offer payment plans and accept most major credit cards for your convenience and we are available to take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact us today to request bail.