4 Reasons You Should NOT Sit In Jail In Martinsville

Posting bail can often feel like an impossibility. When you hear the amount the judge has set your bail at, you might walk away feeling like you are doomed. In many cases, the cost of bail leads people to believe it might just be better to remain behind bars. After all, if you need to drain your savings to post bail, is it really worth it?

Here at Affordable Bail Bonding, we are firm believers that posting bail is a good action to take. We believe in your right to be let go while you wait for your trial. After all, here in America, you are innocent until proven guilty. Until you have had a chance to appear in court, you deserve to be released from jail.

Unfortunately, the cost of bail often holds people back. That is why we offer affordable bail bonds in Martinsville and nearby communities. Find out the four reasons you should never sit in jail in Martinsville, and reach out to our team to learn more about posting bail.

#1: Putting Yourself Through More Stress

One major reason you should post bail rather than sit in jail is to avoid undue stress. Sitting behind bars can put you in a bad place mentally. It is hard to stay hopeful when you are in this type of environment. Jail can be a very isolating experience. It is easy to get lost in your own despair when you are stuck watching the hours slowly creep by behind bars.

When you post bail and get out of jail, you can focus on positive actions you can take for your future. You can get rid of the stresses associated with being in jail. This frees your mind up to look at your next steps creatively. Don’t put yourself through more stress than necessary by staying in jail.

#2: Missing Out On Work And Responsibilities

A big issue with remaining in jail is that you will miss out on work and other important responsibilities. You cannot do anything helpful from behind bars. You might even lose your job due to too many days without showing up.

Whether you are a single mom who needs to get back to her kids or you are a college student in the middle of finishing your degree, don’t miss out on important responsibilities because you are behind bars. Instead, bail out of jail and get back to work. This means you can show up to your job, pay bills, and take care of any dependents in your life. Even your dog and plants will be grateful for your return.

#3: Failing To Prepare For Trial

Another pitfall of staying in jail is that you might not take the time needed to properly prepare for trial. You will have one shot at proving your innocence or fighting for lessened charges. The best thing you can do between now and your court date is to hire an attorney and get to work preparing.

A good defense lawyer will be able to work with you to build an aggressive case. If you are sitting behind bars, taking the actions you need will be difficult. It is much easier to put together a proper defense when you are back at home. You can also utilize this time to prove that you are a responsible citizen.

#4: Letting Money Hold You Back

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is letting money hold you back from posting bail. If it is the high cost of your bail amount that has you feeling trapped, there is help. Because bail is often too expensive for the average person to afford, teams like ours exist. We offer affordable bail bonds as an alternative.

How does it work?

  1. You contact us and let us know your situation
  2. We gather important information from you about your case
  3. You pay us a percentage of the bail
  4. We post the rest of the bail amount on your behalf

The beauty of working with a bail bondsman is that you can easily afford to post bail. Not only that, but you also get the benefit of a seasoned agent on your side. We know who to contact, how to fill out the right paperwork, and the best course of action to take for a fast release.

For affordable bail bonds in Martinsville, contact our team right away!