5 Mistakes to Avoid When Getting Bail Bonds in Halifax

Getting bail bonds in Halifax should be easy, right? It can be when you choose Affordable Bail Bonding. Our team of experienced bondsmen is here to make getting out of jail fast and easy, allowing you to return to work and family while you prepare for your upcoming court case. We are here to make the bail bonds process one that is easy to understand and navigate, and we take our jobs very seriously. Unfortunately, too many individuals prolong their time in jail unnecessarily by making a few easy and common mistakes. Check out some of them below and then contact our team to get out of jail fast.

Common Bail Bonds Mistakes

Thinking You Can’t Afford It

Sometimes bail is set so high that some individuals spend longer than they need to in jail because they think they can’t afford to post bail and get out. However, posting bail can be made affordable very easily with the help of an experienced bail bonds company. Bail premiums in Halifax are only 10% of the total bail amount and most bondsmen will work with you to set up a payment plan. So, before you think you can’t afford to post bail and get out of jail, be sure to speak with a bondsman first to know your options.

Being Too Proud to Ask for Help

Another common mistake that individuals make is letting their pride get in the way of asking for help. Whether it is the first time you’ve been arrested or you are well acquainted with the criminal justice system, you deserve assistance just as much as anyone else does. It might not be easy for you to call a friend or loved one to ask for help, but the longer that you wait, the longer you will be sitting in jail. Underestimating people’s willingness to help is common and you might be pleasantly surprised to learn who is willing to help you out when you are really down on your luck.

Ready to get out of jail

Waiting Too Long to Call a Bondsman

Being arrested, processed, and booked into a local jail is a process that can take hours. While you can’t control how long this process takes, you can control how quickly you reach out to a bondsman. Sure, you might want to take a little bit of time to get your wits about you once you are booked into jail, but it is important not to let yourself fall victim to inaction and indecision in the process. You might be afraid of the fallout and consequences of being arrested, but that is no reason to delay asking for help. As soon as you are allowed a phone call, contact our team right away so we can start working for you.

Choosing a Random Bondsman

When your freedom is at stake, you don’t want to entrust it to just any bail bonds company. You want to choose a company that you know will act quickly on your behalf while treating you with the professionalism and respect that you deserve. Not all bondsmen are created equally and unfortunately, there are some out there that see no issue in taking advantage of your vulnerability. As you call around to different bail bonds companies, be sure that you feel comfortable with the staff before signing any paperwork with them.

Skipping Your Court Date

Failing to appear for your scheduled court date is a serious offense. In fact, it is a federal offense that will only serve to make matters worse than they already are. If you skip your court date, a warrant will go out for your arrest. If you worked with a bail bondsman to get out of jail in the first place, they will have a right to recover the full amount of bail that they paid from you. You’ll also have broken the contract that you had with them, which can lead to more legal troubles. While it may be tempting to skip your court date, the results can be disastrous and should be avoided if possible.

Searching for the Right Bondsman in Halifax?

When it comes to finding the best bondsman for your case, you can’t be too careful. The team here at Affordable Bail Bonding is here when you need us most, doing everything we can to make sure you don’t spend a minute longer than necessary in jail. We gladly offer payment plans and accept most major credit cards for your convenience and we are ready to work for you. If you have questions about the bail bond process or if you need to help a loved one get out of custody as quickly as possible, contact us right away. We look forward to helping you!