7 Common Bail Conditions for Defendants

When you are sitting behind bars, your primary concern is likely to be how quickly you can get out of jail. You might even day dream a little bit about all of the things you will do with your time once you are released. However, chances are that you probably aren’t thinking about the restrictions that the judge might impose as a condition of your release.

As your source for the best bail bonds in Halifax, Affordable Bail Bonding takes great pride in offering a streamlined bond process from the moment you first call for help until the judge raps their gavel on your final court date. This may even include checking in with you to make sure that you’re following the conditions handed down by the court while you’re out on bail. Today, we’ll review seven common bail conditions for defendants and why it is important for you to adhere to them. Let’s get started.

Conduct Requirements Commonly Imposed by Judges

Obey All Laws

As you might expect, you are required to be a law-abiding citizen when you are out on bail. If you are arrested for another crime before your court date arrives, then you could face stiff penalties. These may include fines, increased bail, and going back to jail without the option of bailing out a second time.

Obey Travel Restrictions

Depending on whether or not the judge sees you as a flight risk, they may impose travel restrictions as a condition of your bail. That means you may not be able to leave the city, state, or country while you are out on bail.

Maintain or Seek Employment

Holding a job shows responsibility, that you are a contributing member of society, and that you have the intention to stick around town. Judges frequently require that defendants keep their current job or seek gainful employment as a condition of their bail.

Abstain from Drugs and/or Alcohol

If the judge has authorized your release from jail, they may require that you refrain from using drugs or alcohol as you await your court date. They may also require intermittent and random drug screenings to ensure that you are staying clean.

Obey a Curfew

Crimes can be committed at any time of the day, but it is safe to say that most nefarious activity occurs under the guise of night. Because of this, the judge may hold you to obeying a curfew while you are out on bond, requiring you to come home right after work and check in with your bondsman.

Not Possess Weapons

Regardless of whether you are currently awaiting your court date for a weapons-related charge or not, it is likely that the judge will prohibit you from possessing weapons. If you are found with a weapon, you will face steep penalties under Virginia law.

Avoid Certain People and Places

In an effort to help you stay on the straight and narrow path, the judge may also order you to stay away from certain places and people. For example, if you are facing charges related to a DUI, you may be prohibited from visiting liquor stores and bars.

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