After You’ve Received Your Bail Bond in South Boston

After you have been arrested and your loved ones help you acquire a bail bond from Affordable Bail Bonding in South Boston, what should you do?

Pay the Bail Agent

At Affordable Bond Bailing, we charge a 10 percentage fee for aiding individuals with their bail. Some bail bondsmen charge as high as 20% because they are more concerned with making money than they are helping individuals reunite with their families. We don’t do that. At Affordable Bail Bonding, we provide South Boston county with confidential, reliable, and affordable bail bond services. When you choose Affordable Bail Bonding, you can be confident that you are getting the highest quality service for the most affordable price.

Consider Collateral

If you need help paying your bill agent, some agencies like Affordable Bail Bonding will consider collateral as payment. Collateral can include but is not limited to cash, bank accounts, credit cards, jewelry, cars, real estate, stocks and bonds.

Contact a Lawyer

Once you have a bondsman working to secure your release from South Boston jail, your focus should shift to preparing for court. In this case, hiring a lawyer if you don’t have one already. While most people do not hire a lawyer because of the cost, a lawyer can actually help more. Lawyers help you to build your defense which can help prove your innocence or reduce your sentence, which can help ensure you recover your bail bond. 

Still Struggling to Make Your Payment?

Even with the low-rate of 10%, that’s $5000 on a $50,000 bond. We understand that some fees can be out of reach for individuals and their loved ones who are already going through an emotional time. Which is why we offer payment plans, so you never have to worry about being able to bail your loved one out. As a reputable bail bonding agency, Affordable Bail Bonding in South Boston keeps you informed every step of the way so your bond payment is affordable. Your top priority is supporting your loved ones through this already trying time. 

We Can Post The Bail For You

If you, your loved one, or your family cannot afford to pay the bail in full, one of our bondsmen at  Affordable Bond Bailing can help. We secure a bail bond and post it on your behalf while keeping the cost low and your worries at bay. There are no limitations on who can post bail for you.

Bond Paperwork and Process

Once one of our bondsmen begins working on securing you a bail bond, they will start the bail bonding paperwork which takes 15 to 30 minutes. Once our bondsmen submits the paperwork and the jail receives it, the release time is typically two to 10 hours for larger county jails like South Boston. The sooner you contact Affordable Bail Bonding, the sooner you will be released. 

After All That

Once you or your loved one has called Affordable Bail Bonding in South Boston and we post the bail on your behalf, you are free to return to your work and family while preparing for your trial. Ability to leave the county or state before your trial depends on your bail requirements. Make sure you are present for your court date so you can recover your bail bond if you are found not guilty. Please remember that the 10% fee you paid the bond agent will not be returned to you.

Call Affordable Bail Bonding for an immediate bail bond today. We are on call 24/7 and determined to help our customers with fast, reliable, and affordable service so they can earn their freedom faster.