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Bail Bonds in Roanoke

Looking for the best bail bondsman in Roanoke, VA? Affordable Bail Bonding is your #1 option. We pride ourselves on proving excellent bond services to our clients. We are not here to judge you as an individual, enough people have done that already. Our mission is to provide solutions that will help you through the legal process and ensure you maximize your potential going forward. Give us a call today at 540-632-9009 to learn more about our bonds.

24-Hour Affordable Bail Bonds in Roanoke

Nobody wants to spend time in jail, so if you or someone you know is being held in a Roanoke, VA facility, [nw_data field=company] is here for you. With our 24-hour bail bond service, we send a professional straight to the jail to offer bail. No matter what happened, you can be sure that you will get genuine, judgment-free service from our bondsmen. What sets us apart from our competitors is we do not charge a walking fee, just 10 percent down on the bond, and you can walk away from jail today.

We understand that for different crimes full bail, or 10 percent of it, can be extremely expensive. This is where [nw_data field=company] comes in. We offer financing so you can set up a payment plan. Since we customize our services based on bond size and payment history, we’ll work with you to find the best payment plan available. You can depend on [nw_data field=company] to keep your information private. Our expert bondsmen are reliable, and they’ll treat you with generosity. There’s no need for judgment here, and we’ll work with you to make sure you can pay your bond and avoid more jail time.

Ten percent is all you need to be jail-free. If your bond is a total of $10,000, all you need is $1,000. If you don’t have the funds, we’ll work with you and start your financing right away!


We service the Roanoke, VA area 24-hours a day for your convenience. Our team at [nw_data field=company] cares about helping you or someone you know to get out of jail. You can count on us, no matter the amount of bail. Request bail today from [nw_data field=company] by giving us a call at 540-632-9009.

With such a rich history, the city of Roanoke is bound to lead to some mischievous behavior from time to time. If this cultural hub is your home or you are just in town for a visit, the chances of you needing a bail bondsman may not be high, but they also aren’t likely to be non-existent. So just to be safe, we would recommend that you learn a little more about bail bond agents in our area. After all, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, and with [nw_data field=company], you can feel safe and secure knowing that whatever happens, you won’t have to spend a painstaking amount of time in a jail cell. Continue reading below to learn more about the bail bond process.

So You Got Arrested In Roanoke?

It is pretty much inevitable that when you find yourself in a jail cell the very first thought you will have is “someone get me out of here … and fast.” For the majority of people, this means you’re going to need to post bail. In short, bail is either cash, a bond, or a piece of property that a person who has been arrested has to give to the court in order to ensure that he or she will not flee in order to avoid their charges when they are scheduled to go to trial. It is more common than not that someone will have to pay bail if they are being charged with a crime. You can access us today at 540-632-9009 when you need affordable bail bonds in Roanoke, VA.

Roanoke Bail Bonds

How Is Bail Set?

Many people are not aware that judges are the ones who are responsible for setting bail. However, since so many people have the desire to get out of jail as quickly as possible, most jails will have a standard bail schedule that will specify what the bail amounts are for certain criminal offenses.

If a person wants to post bail, but they are unable to afford the amount that is required, the accused person may ask the judge if the amount can be lowered. This does not guarantee, however, that the amount will, in fact, be lowered. Depending on what the state’s procedures are, there may be a special bail hearing or the bail amount may be discussed in the defendant’s initial appearance in court, also known as their arraignment.

What Are The Conditions Of Bail?

People who have been bailed out most commonly have to comply with a number of conditions that stipulate what they are and are not allowed to do while they are not being held in custody. If one of these conditions is violated, a judge is able to revoke bail and order that the person is re-arrested and returned to jail. There are a number of bail conditions. Some of the most common ones are to obey all laws or avoid using mind-altering substances for the time being. If the charges are more serious and involve instances of domestic violence or something of the sort, the accused person may be asked not to contact the alleged victim while out on bail. Please reach out to us today at 540-632-9009 when you need affordable bail bonds in Roanoke, VA.