Arrested On New Year’s?

New Year’s is all about writing a new chapter and getting a fresh start. Don’t start 2020 off with too much champagne and flashing lights in your rearview mirror. If you find yourself in the back of a police car come midnight, though, here are some steps you can take to get back on track.

Remain Calm

We understand if, after being arrested, you are overwhelmed, upset, and even angry. We get it: it’s New Year’s and you’re in the back of a police car. The best thing to do in the event you are arrested is to remain calm and follow the police officer’s instructions. Any spur of the moment decisions you make based on emotion rather than logic can hurt your case in the long run and delay the process to help you get out of jail sooner. Do your best to pay attention to which jail you are being taken to, your booking number, and even what time you were arrested to make your release go faster and smoother.

Don’t Overshare

While Honesty is the Best Policy, try not to say too much to the officers who have arrested you once you have been booked into jail. We understand that you may think it was all a big misunderstanding and if they just knew the details, they might release you sooner. You only live a few minutes away from the New Year’s Party you were attending so you figured you were fine to drive, you didn’t feel that drunk, you only had two glasses of champagne — these can all do more harm than good. Do not accidentally say something that could be further incriminating and hurt your chances for release.

Who Are You Going To Call?

Everyone’s seen the shows and movies: you are allowed one phone call once you have been booked into jail. Think carefully about who you can call that could help bail you out. This may be a parent, a dear friend, or someone you simply have to trust. You may not want to call someone who you know is out partying on New Year’s and won’t pick up their phone right away. Consider this carefully so you can begin to plan your next steps for release.

Don’t Have Enough For Bail?

After your paperwork has been processed and a judge has set your bail for release, you realize you don’t have enough money on your own to be released and neither does your family. Already, this may feel like the worst New Year’s, ever. Don’t let one bad night set the tone for the whole year. Affordable Bail Bonding is open 24/7 — including midnight on New Year’s! — so we can offer you a bail bond for immediate release from jail.

Get Out Of Jail Fast

Ready to turn your New Year’s around? Call Affordable Bail Bonding in Danville, VA today so we can help you post bail now. We offer a low fee of 10% on all our bonds and have convenient, flexible payment plans available so you can focus on enjoying your year freely, not behind bars. Call us today!