Been Arrested In Salem? Don’t Neglect These 5 Responsibilities

Being arrested is far from a fun experience. However, the way you handle everything post arrest will dictate a lot about how well your overall outcome is. Here at Affordable Bail Bonding, we are passionate about helping those who need help getting out of jail in our local community. That is why we offer affordable bail bonds in Salem. We believe everyone deserves a chance to return home before trial.

If you have been arrested in Salem, please contact us for help. Check out the following five responsibilities that you should be sure you don’t neglect due to your arrest.

#1: Make Arrangements For Your Kids

First things first. If you are a parent, make sure you find a way to arrange for the well-being of your children. This is particularly true if you are a single mom or dad.

The best thing you can do is contact a trusted family member or friend after an arrest. Ask them for help ensuring that your kids are taken care of and that they understand what is going on. No matter what age your kids are, they need to have at least an idea of why you aren’t there and when you’ll be back. It can be helpful to have a loved one explain the situation to each kid, allowing for them to ask questions. Make sure the person you choose will be calm and won’t panic your kids.

#2: Don’t Forget Your Furry Friends

Another responsibility that you don’t want to drop after an arrest is the care of your pets. If you have a dog or cat, or maybe a few different pets in the home, make sure you arrange for their care. You can ask a loved one to go over to your house and feed them.

If there is an animal that takes more work than simply being fed, such as a dog, you can either ask a loved one to take them home with them for the time being, or you can ask them to transport your pet to a local kennel.

#3: Try To Contact Your Job

One of the worst things that can happen during an already stressful situation is losing your job. Try to reach out to your boss or have a loved one do so on your behalf. Explain the situation as simply as you can.

It is far better to let your boss know what happened then to simply not show up for days on end. The sooner you can give notice, the better chance you have of retaining a good relationship with the company for which you work.

#4: Determine Any Bills That Will Be Due

Once you have collected yourself mentally, take some time to think through any bills that might be due while you are in jail. Do you have those bills on autopay? Will you have enough funds to pay your bills while you are in jail?

Make sure that any bills that need to be paid are handled in a timely manner. If you need to, ask a family member or friend for help making ends meet until you can return home and back to work.

#5: Take Charge Of Your Upcoming Defense

One of the top responsibilities you do not want to neglect after an arrest is putting together a quality defense for your upcoming trial. It is highly recommended that you do not face your trial date alone. Seeking out the help of a defense attorney will allow you to build an aggressive defense.

Be sure that you don’t simply wait for your court date to arrive. Take action, and start making a plan for this important day.

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Post Bail To Return Home Quickly

One of the reasons that we provide affordable bail bonds in Salem is because we believe it is much easier to handle your responsibilities from the comfort of home rather than behind bars. It isn’t easy to find care for your children when you are locked up. It can make it difficult to retain your job and pay your bills. For these reasons, it is best to contact our team for help posting bail right away. The sooner you return home, the sooner you can resume your normal responsibilities and prepare for trial.