Before You Bail Someone Out in Halifax County

It’s the middle of the night. Your phone is ringing and you cannot imagine who could be calling at this hour. You feel disoriented and distressed before groggily answering the phone. It’s someone you know— a loved one— calling to tell you they have been arrested and need your help posting their bail bond. Before you give them your answer, consider the following:

Consider the Person Asking

It can be a comfort to know someone trusts you well enough to ask for your help using their only phone call. But depending on what you know about the person, should you say yes? Ask yourself:

How Well Do You Know Them?

If you don’t know them well, rarely see them, or know they are not personally trustworthy, consider saying no. Could you call on them for the same kind of help or feel they would leave you in the dust? 

Are They Reliable?

Has your loved one worked in the same job for several months or years, or been unemployed for sometime? Do they have a history with this kind of behavior or is this the first time? Before you say yes to helping someone with bail, consider whether or not you can rely on them to take responsibility. And, more importantly, would it be better for them to be released in jail or remain in custody?

Will They Show Up For Court?

If you feel any doubt that your loved one may not show up for their court date, do not agree to help them with bail. Understand that if they fail to appear in court, the bail bond you helped them to post is automatically forfeited and a warrant will be issued for their arrest. Ask yourself: are they asking because they know you will say yes? 

You’re Not Just Helping Them With Bail

When you agree to help a loved one post bail, assumedly you are not only helping them financially. You will also become emotionally and mentally invested in the outcome of their trial, and would be overwhelmed with a new wave of negative emotions should they break your trust  by missing their court date. Yes, you would forfeit the money you gave to them, but you would also have to take on knowing someone took advantage of your good nature to help themselves.

Understand How The Bond Works

When you agree to an immediate bail bond with Affordable Bail Bonding in Halifax County, it is important to understand that you will be responsible for a payment fee of 10% that will not be returned to you even if bail is. We have payment plans available, which you are responsible for making on-time. If you find yourself wondering if you will realistically be able to manage this while helping a loved one through this trying time. Remember, you are not in the wrong for thoughtfully considering whether or not you can and should help the accused be released on bond, especially if it is your money on the line. Ask yourself how well you know the person, what you are agreeing to, and if you are realistically able to help at this time. Affordable Bail Bond in Halifax County

If, after considering these different facets and factors of the bail bond decision, you o want to help your loved one, contact Affordable Bail Bonding in Halifax County today. We are on call 24/7 and determined to help our customers with fast, reliable, and affordable service so they can earn their freedom faster.