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Do Bail Bonds Benefit Society?

Thanks to the many action movies that portray bail bond companies as a shady operation, not to mention the bail bond agents that are looking to take advantage of those in need of bail bond services, many people are wary of bail bondsmen and the services that they provide. 

Bail bond companies can help you pay the posted bail amount in full up-front in exchange for a small percentage of the total bail amount. From there, it is pretty simple. When the defendant appears for their court date, the court will refund the entire bail amount to the bail bond company. Things only get complicated if the defendant misses their court date – the bail amount is not refunded and the defendant is in violation of the agreement made with the bail bond company. This creates a mess and causes the bail bond company to hire a bounty hunter to bring you back to jail and recover your payment. 

Long story short, as long as you appear in court when required, bail bonds provide a safe and affordable way to get people a tough spot out of jail quickly until their scheduled court date. Additionally, bail bonds and the companies that provide them benefit society in other ways. Below, our Chatham bail bond company shares other ways bail bond services do some good. 

Bail Bonds Help Reduce Overcrowding

Without bail bonds, our jails would be overcrowded with people that are unable to pay their enormous up-front bail fees Bail bond companies help those charged with a crime get out of jail and gain freedom until their schedule court date, as long as they aren’t seen as a threat to society. Plus, bail bonds save the taxpayers money by eliminating the cost to incarcerate people who are unable to make bail. Without bail bonds, the criminal justice system would have no way of reducing overcrowding in jails.

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Bail Bonds Encourage Timely Court Appearances

Case studies have shown that people who hire a bail bondsman to assist with posting bail are 20 percent more likely to appear for their court date than those who did not have to post bail. If a defendents loved one or close friend hired a bail bond company to post bail, the chances of them appearing in court are increased even more since they know that it will put them in financial burden if they skip court. Even taking loved ones and close friends out of the picture, there aren’t many people that want to risk having a bounty hunter hired to recover them. Again, this is just another way that bail bonds help the criminal justice system keep proceedings.

Despite the negative reputation that is often associated with bail bond companies, the services they offer do help society in multiple ways, including the two discussed above. When it comes to the best bail bond companies in Chatham and the surrounding areas, you can rely on Affordable Bail Bonding for fast, affordable bail bond services. To learn more information, contact us!