Get Out of Jail Fast in Chatham

At Affordable Bail Bonding in Chatham, we understand that a minute spent behind bars is a minute too long. We know that no one wants to spend time in jail when they have a family, a job, and other responsibilities, which is why getting out of jail quickly is so important after you’ve been arrested. In today’s post, we’ll review four steps that are essential to helping you get out of jail fast and why people choose our bail bonding company time and time again.

How to Expedite the Bail Bonding Process

Confirm Bond Eligibility

First things first, before you can bail out of jail, you need to confirm that you are eligible to do so. Several offenses are serious enough that the magistrate may deny you the opportunity to post bail. Assuming that you are eligible for bond, you must wait for the judge to determine your bail amount. They will consider several factors in determining this, including your criminal history, your standing in the community, your physical and mental health, and the severity of the charges you are facing.

Know Your Rights

Many people assume that inmates check their rights at the door when they are arrested. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. While prisoners don’t have full constitutional rights while behind bars, the Eighth Amendment still mandates that they not be subjected to any cruel and unusual punishment. Inmates must also be treated equally regardless of their race, sex, or creed and they still retain basic freedom of speech and religion rights. Being aware of your rights can help you keep your behavior in line, which can help you get out of jail quicker.

Gather Needed Information

If you are preparing to bail a loved one out of jail, you’ll need to gather a few pieces of information to get the process started. These include the name of your loved one, their date of birth, and the jail where they are being held at. You’ll also need to know the charges they are facing and the amount of bail, if it has been set.

Contact a Bail Bonding Company

Working with a bail bonding agent is the best way to get out of jail fast. Whether you are posting bail for yourself or your loved one, a bondsman can streamline and expedite the process. Many times, the bail bonding agent can help you gather the information they need from you to complete the bonding paperwork, so don’t postpone calling if you’re missing a few details. Remember, the faster you call a bail bonding agent, the faster you or your loved one’s freedom will be restored.

Experienced Chatham Bail Bonding Company

Affordable Bail Bonding in Chatham is your source for bail bonds that are fast, affordable, and convenient. Our experienced bondsman can complete your bonding paperwork in about 15 to 30 minutes once we have all the information needed to do so and we offer bail bonds payment plans to make posting bail to get out of jail fast as easy as possible. If you need help coming up with the funds to post bail, contact our team right away.