How Do Bail Bonds Work in Halifax, VA?

One of the first questions we get from clients who call our Halifax bond agency is, “How do bail bonds work, anyway?” This is an excellent question to ask upfront because you want to make sure that you are completely comfortable with the process before signing a contract with a bondsman. The team here at Affordable Bail Bonding is always willing to answer any questions that you have about the bail bond process and the services we offer. In today’s post, we’ll review the highlights of the bail bond process and we’ll explain the three types of bails bonds that are available in Halifax. Let’s get started!

Bail Bonds Process Highlights

Arrest, Processing, and Booking

The bail bonds process begins when you or a loved one are arrested. The police will transport the arrested individual to the local jail for processing and booking. Between searching for warrants, obtaining fingerprints and a mugshot, and performing a physical exam, this process can take hours.

Bail Is Set

In the meantime, the case is brought before a magistrate. The magistrate will review the details of the case in order to determine the amount of bail that must be paid for you or your loved one’s release from jail. Many factors are considered during this process, including how much of a flight risk you or your loved one pose and if your release would pose a danger to the public. The magistrate will also consider the accused’s criminal record, their mental and physical health, and their employment status, among other things.

Ready to get out of jail

You Call a Bail Bond Company

If you determine that you cannot afford to post the full amount of the bail, you place a call to Affordable Bail Bonding. We work with you to gather the information we need to begin completing the bonding paperwork. We’ll need to know the name and birthday of the arrested individual, their booking number, where they are being held, and the nature of their charges. You should still call us even if you don’t have all of this information because we can often help nail down a lot of the details thanks to our experience in the industry.

Bail Is Paid and Freedom Restored

Once the bonding paperwork is completed, our team can secure a bail bond so that we can pay the full bail amount to the court for your release. Once bail is posted, you or your loved one will remain free while you wait for your court date, assuming there is no subsequent arrest. During this time, it is wise to contact an attorney if needed so that you can be adequately prepared for your court date.

Three Types of Bail Bonds

When it comes to getting out of jail in Halifax, there are three types of bonds that could be set.

Personal Recognizance (PR) Bond

This type of bond is often used in cases of less serious offenses. The accused individual provides a signed and written agreement promising to show up for all court hearings. They are released on their own recognizance without having to pay any money.

Unsecured Bond

This type of bond works similar to a PR bond, but with a slight twist. The accused individual provides a signed and written agreement promising to show up for all court hearings and they are released without payment. However, they agree to pay a certain amount if they fail to appear at any hearings.

Secured Bond

This is the type of bond that most people are familiar with. It requires the accused individual to pay a certain amount of money before they can be released from jail. The money is eventually returned to the person who pays it regardless of whether the verdict is guilty or not guilty, as long as the accused individual attends all court dates. Bail bondsmen agree to pay the bail in exchange for a small bail premium payment, which is usually 10% of the full bail amount.

Fast Bail Bonds in Halifax

Do you need fast and affordable bail bonds in Halifax? Whether you have been detained yourself or you are helping out a loved one in their time of need, Affordable Bail Bonding is here to help. We offer client-focused bail bonds that are designed with your needs in mind. We work hard to quickly gather the information needed to secure a bond so that we can post bail on your behalf to restore your freedom. Contact us right away to get the process started so that you don’t have to spend a moment longer in jail.