How Long Does It Take to Get Released After Bail Is Set?

When a loved one is arrested, there are likely a lot of questions that are racing through your head. One of the most common questions people wonder is how long it will take for their loved one to be released from jail after the bail amount is posted.

If you are unfamiliar with how the bail bond process works, there are a few steps that need to happen before the bail amount is posted. First, following an arrest, the victim is taken to jail to be booked and processed. Next, a judge will review the charges the victim is being face along with other important pieces of information to determine the bail amount. The purpose of setting bail is to ensure that the defendant is present at their court hearing without necessarily having to keep the defendant in police custody. Typically, the bail amount is set high enough so that the defendant will not simply forfeit the posted amount and disappear.

How Long Does It Take To Get Released Once Bail Is Posted?

Once the bail amount is posted, there are many different factors that can determine how long it takes a defendant to get out of jail. For starters, how quickly the amount is paid has the biggest influence on when the victim is released. There are a few ways that the posted bail can be paid. One way is for the defendant or a loved one to pay the amount in full using cash or check. This is not always the most ideal option as bail amounts are usually pretty steep. Another option is to use collateral for bail. This can be a house, vehicle, or other piece of property. This isn’t the most ideal choice, as the process is complicated and can take up to three weeks to complete. Lastly, the most common way to pay for bail is by using a bail bond service.

Receiving bail bonds for a reputable bail bond company is one of the most effective ways to get out of jail faster. Once a defendant fills out the bonding paperwork and gets their application approved, the bail bondsman will work on getting the money together for bail. They will then work directly with the jail to provide the payment for the bond. The application and completed payment to jail can take a few hours to complete, but this is faster than using collateral to pay bail.

How Long Does It Take To Get Released Once Bail Is Paid?

There are many different factors that can play into how long it takes a defendant to get out of jail once bail has been paid. Unfortunately, this is something that cannot be controlled by a bail bond company or any of the family and friends of the defendant. This is a process that is handled by the jail the defendant is being held at. It can take a few hours up to a day depending on how busy the jail is, how quickly the payment is processed, and if there are any other issues that are delaying a release. While the speed of your release is unpredictable, in most cases, the quicker you are able to make your bond payment the quicker the process will be to be released.

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