How To Get Out Of Jail In Martinsville

Being arrested is stressful. Sitting in jail is even worse. If you were recently arrested in Martinsville, you probably want to know how and when you can get out of jail. The good news is that in many cases, a judge will set a bail amount, which if paid, allows you to return home while waiting for your trial.

Getting out of jail is beneficial for a variety of reasons. Most obviously, no one enjoys spending time in jail and getting out will allow you to escape this less than ideal situation. Beyond that, getting out of jail will allow you to return to normal and important tasks. You can show up to your job, pay your bills, and take care of your family. Additionally, when you leave jail and return home you have a chance to put together a proper defense for your trial. You can hire a lawyer and work with them to fight against your charges.

On the flip side, staying in jail won’t earn you much. If you are hoping to get out of jail in Martinsville, we are here to help. Check out these tips from your local bail bonds company in Martinsville, offering affordable bail.

#1: Find Out If You Have A Bail Option

First and foremost, you can only post bail if it is actually an option on the table. Usually, when you are arrested, you will be brought to jail where you will be read your rights and the reason for your arrest will be explained. Next, you will go through the booking process. This is when your picture is taken and your fingerprints.

Finally, if you are allowed to leave jail on bail, a judge will assess your case and determine the amount of bail required. Your bail costs will vary and depend on an array of factors. For example, those with a previous criminal record will probably be required to pay a higher amount in bail. Someone who has good standing in the community will be allowed to pay less in bail. If you have been booked, ask what your bail amount is and determine what your options are.

#2: Contact Your Family Or Friends For Help

In most cases, you cannot afford bail on your own. It can be set in the thousands of dollars, which means for many it is out of reach. At this point, you can contact your family or friends for help. They will be able to most easily work with a bail bond company while you are in jail.

Give your family or friend a call and request that they help you post bail. Let them know that a bail bond company is the best option for affordable bail.

#3: Work With A Trusted Bail Bonds Company

Once you reach out to your family or a friend, it is time to seek the help of a trusted bail bonds company. This company should provide fast and reliable services around the clock. A good bail bond company will make it easy for you to afford bail.

A bail bondsman collects a fee, which is a set percentage of your total bail amount. You or your family will pay this percentage of bail rather than the full amount. In this way, working with a bail bonds company makes it much easier to afford bail.

#4: Pay For A Bail Bond

After the bail bond company collects information about you, where you are being held, and what your bail amount is, they can get to work posting bail. It is at this point that you will pay the bail fee. In exchange, they will post the rest of the bail and you will be allowed to leave jail.

#5: Follow Your Bail Bondsman’s Instructions

Once you are released from jail, it is very important that you follow your bail bondsman instructions. They might need you to stop by in the following days to fill out paperwork. They will also require that you show up for your court date. Failing to do so will wind up with another warrant out for your arrest.

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