How To Quickly Post Bail In Halifax

When you are arrested, the first thing on your mind is how you can get back home and out of jail. No one wants to spend a second longer than necessary behind bars. Our team at Affordable Bail Bonding understands how stressful an arrest can be. Whether you were the one arrested, or your loved one was, the goal is the same — post bail quickly.

Unfortunately, the justice system isn’t always terribly easy to navigate. Not only that, but it can also be extremely expensive to post bail. This can leave you in a bind and uncertain of what steps to take next. The good news is that our team of expert bail bondsmen are here to assist you. We provide affordable bail bonds in Halifax and our services are quick and simple.

Check out the following tips on how you can quickly post bail in Halifax.

#1: Gather Information

The first thing to do is to gather information about the arrest. This is particularly helpful if you were not the one arrested. If you are calling on behalf of your loved one or friend, you will need a few key pieces of information to ensure the process goes smoothly.

Find out the following if possible:

  • The full name of the person arrested
  • The date of birth of the person arrested
  • Where the arrest took place
  • What were the charges
  • The name of the jail where the defendant is being held

If you don’t have every piece of information, that is OK. You can still proceed forward in the process. Your bail bondsman can assist you in acquiring any missing info.

#2: Put Together A Payment

The next thing you will want to do is determine how you will pay for bail. In most cases, a judge sets the bail amount at a fairly high dollar value. This can make it difficult, if not impossible, to post bail on your own.

This is where a bail bondsman will help. A bail company will only make you pay a percentage of the total bail amount and they will put the rest of the money up for you. This is why working with a bail team like ours is what makes posting bail even a possibility for most. Still, you will need to pay the bail bondsman, so be sure you have a way to pay the bill.

#3: Contact A Bail Bondsman

Next, you need to reach out to your local bail bondsman. Contact our team at (434) 237-2245, night or day. The sooner you contact a bondsman, the better. There is no way for us to get to work on the necessary paperwork and processes until you reach out.

Our team will walk you through the bail bond process and will gather pertinent information from you. We can work directly with the person arrested or work with a family member who is posting bail on behalf of their loved one.

#4: Pay The Bondsman

Once you have contacted a bail bondsman, it is time to make your payment. If you are struggling to afford the bail bond amount, talk to us about our financing options. Our goal is to ensure that everyone has access to affordable bail.

#5: Return Home And Wait For Your Trial

After the bail bond has been paid for, your bondsman will get to work. The speed of your release will depend on the specific jail system you are in, but rest assured that with a bail bondsman on your side, the process will be as quick as possible.

Once you are released, you are free to return to your normal life. In some cases, you will have specific stipulations about what you can and cannot do during the time before your trial. Be sure you follow any orders from the judge and seek out legal help for your upcoming hearing. It is also important to note that posting bail means you are promising to return for your court date. Never skip your hearing, period. This can result in a warrant being placed for your arrest and you will be in breach of contract with your bail bondsman.

Looking for fast, affordable bail bonds in Halifax? We are here to help. Reach out to our bail bondsmen night or day for fast, reliable bail.