How To Tell Which Bail Bond Company Is Trying To Scam You

Whenever a loved one is arrested with drunk driving, robbery charge, or another crime, there is nothing that you want more than to see them get out of jail fast. Being granted the option to post bail in Virginia after an arrest is a great opportunity for a defendant, as long as you work with the right bail bond company. 

There are a lot of bail bond companies to choose from, and unfortunately, there are some out there looking to take advantage of those in need of bail bond services. The combination of stress, anxiety, and eagerness that comes with a loved one getting arrested can leave individuals vulnerable to bail bond scams and other corrupt schemes. 

Tips To Avoid Bail Bond Scams

Bail bond companies can be lifesavers, and most are trustworthy, but you don’t want to get caught with one of the few that aren’t. Before agreeing to work with a bail bond company, it is important to ensure they don’t show any of the following red flags.

Cold Callin’ Crooks

You get a call informing you that a close friend or family member has been arrested, but it is not anyone you know. In fact, it is a bail bondsman that is calling you. Be aware of bail bond agents that cold call. Responsible, licensed bail bond companies will avoid these tactics. Keep in mind, there are circumstances in which the arrestee asks a bail bond agent to make contact with someone to let them know what’s happened. 

Ready to get out of jail

No Soliciting Near Jail

A bail bond agent that prowls for clients at jail locations is likely violating the laws and regulations that strictly apply to the bail bonds industry. This targeting method is a frowned-upon – it is the perfect place to find people that wito ll likely need help paying for bail. This insidious tactic could cost a bail bond company their license if caught. 

Gotta Have The Paperwork

Before a bail bondsman is able to assist with posting bail, they should sit down with the client to fill out the necessary legal paperwork. Bail bond paperwork is meant to verify that the client can financially support the bond. If the bail bond company does not require you to sign anything, this is a huge red flag. There is no reason that a bail bondsman wouldn’t want you to sign something unless they were up to suspicious and deceitful tactics. 

Wondering Which Chatham Bail Bond Company Is Best? Choose Affordable Bail Bonding

Being informed that a loved one or friend is in jail is stressful on anyone, so it’s important to choose a reputable bail bond company that won’t take advantage of you when you are at your most vulnerable. Make sure everything is legitimate and work only with a reputable bail bond company. If you are in need of fast, professional, and trusted bail bonds in Chatham, Affordable Bail Bonding is available any time of the day. To learn more about our bail bond services, contact us!