How We Help You With Bail Bonds

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How Does A-1 Affordable Bail Bonds Help You?

When you get a message at 3 a.m. from a county lockup that someone you know needs bail, it can be one of the most stressful moments of your life. Plenty of questions are sure to rush through your mind, not the least of which is “What next?” After a friend or family member has been arrested and jailed, getting them out is a priority, and often the best answer to “What’s next?” is to get in touch with a bail bonds agent.

But, you want to make sure you’re working with the best bail bonds agent around. If you live in Halifax, Roanoke, or Rocky Mount, VA, or the surrounding areas that bail bond service is A-1 Affordable Bail Bonds. What makes us unique among bond agencies in the area? First of all—experience. We’ve served our communities for a long time. We know who to contact if you’re trying to find where your family member is jailed. We know and work closely with local law enforcement, judges, attorneys, and other officials who’ll be handling your family member’s case, and understand their expectations when someone is released from custody. We know the ins and outs of the bail bonds process and how best to serve our clients.

Secondly, we provide the highest level of customer service you can get from a bond agent in the area. We care about the people we’re helping, both the person in jail and those bonding that person out. We understand how stressful the situation is for everyone involved, and one of our big goals is to bring peace of mind to everyone. That’s one of the reasons we’re available 24/7, and act fast when we’re called. We know that the sooner a person gets released on bail, the faster they’re going to be able to work on their case and deal with all aspects of their life before their trial. 

When you call A-1 Affordable Bail Bonds, one of our bond agents will answer the call promptly, and guide you through the bail bond process quickly. Our agents are always courteous and professional. If you start the process online, through our convenient form, you’re not going to have to wait on a response, or worry that we won’t move quickly to get your friend or family member released. However you contact us, you can trust we’ll act quickly and our service will be effective. 

When you want a bail bonds agency whose customer service is at its apex, you can always rely on A-1 Affordable Bail Bonds. We’re available 24/7 to help. You can reach us at these numbers: Halifax, (434)566-0045; Roanoke, (540)632-9009; or Rocky Mount, (540)238-3745.

Convenient Payment Plans

When someone needs bail, one of the biggest stressors is financial worries. At A-1 Affordable Bail Bonds, our goal is to provide peace of mind for all involved. No matter how much the bail amount is, we will work with you to get your family member released. We will assess your financial situation and work out a payment plan, usually an affordable installment plan. Once you make a down payment, you’ll be able to make installment payments. Moreover, to keep from slowing up the process, we require no co-signers on bonds.

Searching for Inmates in Local Jails

When you find out someone you know has been arrested, you’ll want to know where they’ll be detained. Usually, when a person is arrested and arraigned, they’ll be held in either a city or county jail and remain there until they are bailed out or released on their own recognizance. It can take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours after a person has been arrested and booked to be processed into jail and show up in the system. When you need to bail someone out, if you have the inmate’s name, charges, and where they’re being held, it will make the process go faster. You find this information through arrest and jail records. As a courtesy to you, as part of our bail bonds service, A-1 Affordable Bail Bonds can help you find a loved one who’s been jailed if you are having trouble finding them. 

Many cities and counties in the area have jail websites with inmate search portals. If someone has been processed into these jails, they will show up in these searches. Jails in our area include:

  • Roanoke, VA: Roanoke is unique because it is an independent city in the Commonwealth of Virginia. People are primarily processed through the Roanoke city jail. An inmate search portal is available on its website or you can call jail administration at (540)853-2941.
  • Halifax, VA: Anyone arrested in Halifax itself or in Halifax County will be processed into the Halifax County Adult Detention Center operated by the Blue Ridge Regional Jail Authority. You can search for inmates on its website or get more information by calling (434)476-5500.
  • Rocky Mount, VA:  Anyone arrested in Rocky Mount or in Franklin County will be processed to Franklin County Corrections. More information about the facility is available on its website or by calling the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office at (540)483-3000.
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When you need bail bond services fast, you can always rely on the bond agents at A-1 Affordable Bail Bonds. Our services are available 24/7. Reach us at the following numbers: Halifax, (434)566-0045; Roanoke, (540)632-9009; or Rocky Mount, (540)238-3745