Humanizing the Bail Bonds Experience

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What is the bail bond process?

Getting arrested can be frightening and confusing, especially if it’s a first-time arrest. It will certainly be stressful for all involved. It’s rarely the apex of one’s life. Often, it can be a nadir, a low point. It can also be highly stressful for the friend or family member who gets a call from a city or county jail from a person needing bail. All sorts of thoughts may cross that person’s mind: How are you going to afford this? Do I call a bail bondsman? How does that work? How long will my family member be in jail? If a friend or family member has been arrested in Halifax, Roanoke, or Rocky Mount, VA, A-1 Affordable Bail Bonds will guide you through the bail bond process. Our goal is to provide you with some peace of mind and get your loved one released from jail as soon as possible. You can reach us at these numbers: Halifax, (434) 566-0045; Roanoke, (540)632-9009; or Rocky Mount, (540)238-3745.

The bail bond process

  • After an arrest, the defendant is booked and processed either in a city or county jail.
  • The defendant is then arraigned. This is where he or she either enters a guilty or not guilty plea and normally where bail is set by the court.
  • Once bail is set, the defendant can either post bail in cash or consult with a bail bondsman or have a friend or family member consult with the bondsman. 
  • The bondsman is paid a fee—normally 10% of the bail amount—to post bail for the defendant.
  • The defendant is released.
  • The defendant must meet all requirements of the court, including returning to court for trial and any other requested court appearances.
  • If the defendant fails to show up to court without good reason, the bail is forfeited, and the defendant is subject to arrest and further penalties.

A bail bond is similar to a loan. The defendant or co-signer is usually asked to put up collateral like a vehicle or property. Bond agents normally offer financing or loan options. 

Can you make payments on a bail bond?

One of the biggest stressors you may experience when working with a bail bond agency is financial worries. Most bail bond agencies and agents understand that and work with you to assess your financial situation and options for payment. Reputable bond agencies like A-1 Affordable Bail Bonds will offer affordable payment plans such as installment plans if you cannot afford to pay the full bail bond upfront. With installment plans, you make a down payment, and then agree to pay the rest of the amount in installments over an agreed upon time period.

How do you bail someone out online?

Bond agencies know the bail bond process can be stressful. It can also be very inconvenient, especially if you’ve received a call late at night from someone needing bail. While most agencies are open 24 hours, it may not be easy for you to visit in person. Many agencies like ours make it convenient for you to get the process started online. Usually, you just need to fill out an online form and associated paperwork and a bond agent will complete the process to get the person released.

What are the duties of a bail bondsman?

A bail bondsman, or bail bond agent, is either an independent agent or representative of a bond agency like A-1 Affordable Bail Bonds. It’s the bond agent’s duty to complete all paperwork with a defendant, collect payments, as well as find anyone who fails to show up at court. Throughout the course of the bail bond process, the bond agent has to assess whether the defendant is a flight risk or whether he or she or co-signers will be able to pay back the bond. The agent also has to file paperwork with the court so the defendant will be released from jail. An agent basically gains a right of power of attorney regarding representing the defendant in all matters of bail. If a defendant fails to show up for their court date, the agent is also responsible for finding and apprehending that person and taking the person to jail or presenting the person before the court. 

Are bail bondsman cops?

While bail bond agents are responsible for tracking down and apprehending anyone who jumps bail they are not government agents, although they must be licensed by state agencies. In Virginia, bail enforcement agents have to be licensed by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services and must abide by all regulations set down by that department. They have to follow certain guidelines to apprehend someone who has jumped bail and their rights and responsibilities may differ from those of regular law enforcement.

A Judge at a Bail Hearing.

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