Lesser-Known Facts About Bail Bonds

The bail bond process can be somewhat of a mystery, especially if you have never had to post bail for yourself or a loved one. We cover this process often in our posts to help you feel as comfortable as possible when you contact us for help. Likewise, we like to provide you with information about local bail bonds so that you don’t experience any unpleasant surprises during the process. Affordable Bail Bonding is your source for bail bonds in Halifax and in today’s post, we’ll review five lesser-known facts about bail bonding. Check them out below.

Bail Bonds Facts

There Is No Guarantee You’ll Be Granted Bail

Most people assume that bail will be set after they are arrested so that they can get out of jail and return to their everyday life. However, bail is not a guarantee. In fact, many offenses are considered non-bailable offenses because of their serious nature. Those who commit these types of offenses are often seen as a risk to themselves or society, which is why the magistrate may deny bail. In Virginia, there are several non-bailable offenses, including:

  • Serious violent crimes
  • Serious drug crimes
  • Third felony offense
  • Fourth DUI
  • Second violation of a protective order
  • Third domestic assault and battery
  • Crimes committed while out on bond

The Bail Amount Must Be Reasonable

Although many individuals feel as though the bail amount determined by the magistrate is unreasonably high, you can rest assured that the Eighth Amendment of the constitution protects your rights in this regard. Specifically, the Eighth Amendment reads:

“Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.”

This decree was included in the constitution to prevent our justice system from setting bail amounts that were intended to be punitive. Way back in the days of English monarchs, steep penalties, fines, and other punishments were commonplace, often leaving individuals with no hope of ever getting out of prison. Our founding fathers felt as though we deserved better — thank goodness!

Bail Bonds Are Not Available in Every State

Most people assume that bail bonds are available in their state because of how the arrest and release process is often portrayed in the media. We watch shows in which someone gets arrested, makes their one phone call to a friend or a local bail bondsman, and gets released within a matter of hours. While this might be the case in most states, some do not permit commercial bail bonds. These states include:

  • Illinois
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Nebraska
  • Oregon
  • Wisconsin
  • Georgia

Paying the Bail Amount on Your Own Might Be Risky

In the instances where bail is set at a fairly high amount, individuals often turn to local bail bonds companies like Affordable Bail Bonding to help them get out of jail quickly. This is because we can often help individuals get out of jail for only a 10% bail premium. That means they only have to pay 10% of the total bail amount to our company. Some people opt to post bail for themselves if the bail amount is low enough, but this can be risky. Why? Should you miss a court date or otherwise default on your bail, it is possible that you could lose all the money you paid out.

Bounty Hunters Are Real

Lastly, we are all familiar with the bounty hunters that we see on television. These individuals put themselves in harm’s way on a daily basis, all in the name of returning someone who has skipped bail back to where they came from. But are these people real, or are they fictional characters created by TV show writers? As it turns out, they are real. They are agents who work with the courts and bondsmen to track down and capture those who have skipped town. Bounty hunters often charge a certain percentage of the bail amount as their fee. They are to be respected too, as they are usually able to cross state lines, use non-lethal force, and enter your property without a warrant.

Learn More About Local Bail Bonds in Halifax

Do you have questions about the local bail bonds that we offer in Halifax? Perhaps your loved one has found themselves in a tough spot and could use a little bit of help? Regardless of your situation, Affordable Bail Bonding is here to help. Our experienced bondsmen are dedicated to providing you with fast and affordable bail bond services and we promise to treat you with the respect you deserve. Contact our team right away to request a bail bond in Halifax for yourself or your loved one.