Posted Bail In Danville? Find Out What Your Responsibilities Are After Your Release

When it comes to providing affordable bail bonds in Danville, there is no team you can count on more than us. Our bondsmen are experienced in handling the local justice system and we will work hard to secure you or your loved one’s release from jail. We work quickly and effectively to provide bail bonds to our local community.

If you recently reached out to our team for assistance with posting bail, you might wonder what exactly comes next. It is important that you understand your responsibilities once you are released from jail. Similarly, if you helped post bail on behalf of a loved one, you might also wonder what you are responsible for in the days to come.

Check out the following information about everything you need to take care of once bail has been posted.

The Defendant’s Responsibilities After Release

If you were the one arrested and you posted bail to get out of jail, you are considered the defendant. As the defendant, there are a few things you need to ensure you do once you are back home.

Visit Your Bail Bondsman

Once you are out of jail and back home, you will usually need to meet with your bondsman to complete some paperwork. This is not a lengthy process but it is important to do so if asked. Because you were in jail at the time of bail being posted, there are papers you were not able to sing or fill out. Make it a point to go visit your bondsman and square this all away.

Make All Applicable Payments

If you still owe your bail bondsman any money, be sure you make all payments on time. When in doubt, give your bondsman a call to make sure you are in the clear. It is always a good idea to over-communicate with your bondsman, rather than leave them in the dark.

Keep Your Bondsman Up To Date

If you change your phone number, address, or your place of employment, you need to notify your bondsman. This is vital information for them to have on hand, so contact them as soon as you know of any changes being made.

Show Up For Your Court Date

Without a doubt, the most important thing you can do when you are out on bail is to show up for your court date. Never, under any circumstances, skip your trial. If you do so, a warrant will be placed for your arrest and you will be in breach of your contract with your bail bondsman. No matter how much you dread your day in court, it is always wiser to show up than to try to skip out.

Let Your Bondsman Know The Bond Is Released

After you show up for your court date, your bond will be released. Be sure you ask for a bond discharge form from the courts and let our team know that the bond is released.

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The Responsibilities Of The Indemnitor

In the case that your loved one called you for help and you put up the money for a bail bond, you are considered an indemnitor. While the ultimate responsibility of the situation falls the defendant’s shoulders, by taking on part of the risk, you also share in part of the post-release responsibilities.

Keep Your Bondsman Up To Date

Even as a cosigner, if you change your address, phone number, or place of employment, you need to let your bondsman know. If you find out that the defendant changed any of this information, make sure they also update your bondsman.

Finalize Any Payments

Be sure that you have cleared any payments that needed to be made. Talk to your bail bond company to ensure you are completely paid up.

Hold The Defendant Accountable

Since you were part of the bail process, you need to make sure that the defendant shows up to court in order to fulfill your contract. If the defendant skips out on court, you will be in breach of the contract you signed with the bail bond company. Do whatever you can to make sure they show up for this important date.

Do you need help accessing affordable bail in Danville? Our bail bond company is here to help. Contact us 24/7 for help posting bail. We will work with you to ensure you understand exactly what comes next.