Should I Post Bail In Martinsville? Find Out If Bail Is Right For You

After an arrest, you have a lot of decisions to make. If you are given the opportunity to post bail, then one of your first decisions will be whether or not you should do so. Posting bail can be extremely beneficial, but it is up to you to decide whether or not you will do so.

Our team works to ensure that those who do want to post bail have access to affordable bail bonds in Martinsville. We want anyone who desires to take advantage of bail to do so. We work around the clock to assist those who have been recently arrested.

Check out the following questions you can ask yourself to determine whether or not you should post bail in Martinsville.

Can You Post Bail?

The first question to ask is whether or not you can post bail. Not all offenses are bailable. If you are not told anything about bail, try to make an inquiry. Find out if this is an option for you.

If it is an option, find out how much you need to pay in order to post bail. In some cases, the amount is extremely small. In other situations, it is extremely expensive.

How Long Will You Be Held?

Another important consideration is how long you are going to be held in jail. If you are going to be stuck behind bars until your trial which is a month away, posting bail makes a lot of sense. If, however, you are just being held overnight, you won’t need to post bail.

Find out the duration of your stay in jail. From here, calculate what it will cost you to stay behind bars. In most cases, missing work or neglecting family responsibilities will have a negative consequence that makes posting bail well worthwhile.

Can You Leave On Personal Recognizance?

Another situation where posting bail is not necessary is if you are allowed to leave on personal recognizance. Simply put, personal recognizance allows for the defendant to be released from jail solely based on their promise to return to court.

This usually occurs in situations where the crime committed was extremely minor, and in a situation where the defendant has no previous record. Essentially, the officer believes that you will hold true to your word and has no reason to think otherwise. In this case, you don’t have to pay for bail, you are simply allowed to leave.

Do You Have Responsibilities You Need To Attend To?

Another thing to consider when deciding whether or not to post bail is what type of responsibilities you have. For example, if you are a working parent, you probably need to post bail in order to ensure you keep your job and can take care of your kids.

Sitting in jail is not just unpleasant, but it is also a major inconvenience. Posting bail means that you can get back to the responsibilities that require your daily attention.

Can You Afford Bail?

An important consideration when sitting in jail is whether or not you can afford bail. In many cases, bail is not exactly cheap. It can be difficult to access enough money to pay the full amount on your own.

If your answer to this question is no, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t post bail. Rather, it means that you will need to seek out the help of a bail bondsman. They will allow you to only pay a portion of the total bail amount owed.

Do You Have Family Who Can Help?

Posting bail isn’t always simple, especially when you don’t have a lot of extra money on hand. Consider whether or not you have family or friends who can help you out. It might not be fun to admit to someone that you were arrested, but reaching out for help is a must in such a situation.

Do You Want To Prepare For Trial?

Finally, when debating whether or not you want to post bail, think about your upcoming court date. Do you want to prepare for the trial? If so, posting bail will be your best bet. This will allow you to focus on finding the best defense attorney for your case.

If you want to post bail, our team can help. We offer affordable bail bonds in Martinsville. Give us a call today.