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Common Myths About Bail Bonds

The bail bonds process can be a bit confusing, especially if you have never had to worry about getting yourself or a loved one out of jail. The mystery surrounding the process has given way to many myths throughout the years, but you can rest assured that Affordable Bail Bonding is here to help demystify the process and debunk any myths you might have heard about bail bonds. Check out a few common myths below and then contact our team right away for bail bonds in Charlotte Court House.

Bail Bonds Myths

Myth #1: Bondsmen Only Accept Cash

Truth: Virtually all bail bonding agencies accept cash as payment. However, it wouldn’t be very convenient if that was the only method of payment they accepted. Here at Affordable Bail Bonding, we like to make the payment process as easy as possible. We accept most major credit cards and we gladly offer bail bonds payment plans.

Myth #2: Bail Bond Fees Are Refundable

Truth: The bail premium that you pay your bondsman is not refundable. This is the fee we charge for helping you or your loved one get out of jail quickly. However, if you opt to post a cash bond, that money is refundable, assuming the defendant attends all court dates and doesn’t violate the conditions of their bail.

Myth #3: A Bondsman Can Negotiate Your Bail Amount

Truth: Bail bondsmen are not able to negotiate the terms of the amount of your bail. This is something that is determined by a judge or magistrate based on the severity of the charges you are facing, your criminal record, and other pertinent factors.

Myth #4: Bail Bondsmen Are Shady

Truth: Bail bondsmen are an integral part of the criminal justice system, and we work diligently to help uphold the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution. Although the media might portray us otherwise, we are hardworking men and women who make a living by restoring people’s freedom and reuniting them with their friends and family.

Myth #5: Bail Bonds Are an Unregulated Industry

Truth: The bail bonds industry is not like the Wild West. In fact, it is a highly regulated industry overseen by the Department of Criminal Justice Services. Bondsmen are held to strict professional conduct standards and must follow all regulations, or they risk losing their license. Additionally, there are strict training and educational requirements for bondsmen seeking to renew their license, so you can rest assured that they are always up to speed with current bail bond laws.

Need Bail Bonds in Charlotte Court House?

We hope that today’s post has helped dispel some of the most common myths that you might have heard about the bail bonds process. If not, or if you still have questions about how bail bonds work, allow the team at Affordable Bail Bonding to help you. We offer fast, affordable bail bonds in Charlotte Court House and we are confident you’ll see what sets us apart from the other bail bonding agents in town after just one phone call. Contact us right away with your questions or request bail online now. We look forward to helping you.

Offenses Not Eligible for Bail Bonds in South Boston – Part II

Upon being arrested, some inmates receive an unpleasant surprise when they are informed that they are not eligible to post bond and get out of jail. As your go-to source for bail bonds in South Boston, Affordable Bail Bonds is very knowledgeable about the legal system in Virginia, including reasons why the courts may deny someone bond. If your loved one has reached out to you for help, give us a call right away.

You can trust that our team of experienced bondsmen will do everything they can to help your loved one get out of jail fast — when we can. In the case of non-bailable offenses, there is little we can do other than educate our clients on their options. In part one of this series, we reviewed five non-bondable offenses in Virginia and today, we’ll conclude the series by reviewing five more. Let’s get started.

Non-Bondable Offenses in Virginia

Felony Offenses While on Bond

“What happens if my loved one commits a felony offense while they are out on bail?” This is a question we get asked quite often. When someone has posted a bail bond to get out of jail, they must obey all laws. If they are arrested before the court date for their original offense, they run the risk of incurring fines, going back to jail, and increased bail amounts. If the defendant’s original offense was a felony and they commit a second felony while they are out on bond, it is unlikely that they will be eligible for bond a second time around.

Offenses Committed by Illegal Aliens

Like other official processes, getting a bond for bail is more difficult for illegal aliens than it is for citizens of the United States. This is especially true if the crime they are accused of is related to violence, firearms, drugs, or driving under the influence. The matter can be further complicated if the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office is involved. If ICE doesn’t intend to deport the offender and reimburse the state for holding the offender, he or she may be eligible for bond.

Fourth DUI

The state of Virginia offers some leniency when it comes to driving under the influence, up to a certain point. Some may argue that the laws are too lenient, especially those who have lost loved ones to DUI-related car accidents. The state takes the stance that defendants are not eligible for bond on their fourth DUI if they have been convicted of three DUIs at any point in the five years previous to their fourth offense. While there are some minor exceptions to this rule, the courts tend to hold firm to this stance.

Third Domestic Assault & Battery

Domestic assault and battery is defined as one family member assaulting another. Typically, this crime is considered a misdemeanor. However, if an individual has been convicted of domestic assault and battery twice in the past, their third offense is kicked up to a felony. These felony offenses are not eligible for bond.

Second Violation of a Protective Order

A protective order is a court order that instructs an individual to stop abusing or harassing another individual for a certain period of time. These orders may be granted in cases of domestic violence and they play a critical role in family law cases. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for individuals to violate these protective orders, which places those they are intended to protect in danger. The state of Virginia takes this matter very seriously, denying bond to individuals who violate their protective orders after already violating another in the past.

Looking for Bail Bonds in South Boston?

Here at Affordable Bail Bonding, we understand that you may feel worried and frightened for your loved one after they are arrested. We are here to help them get out of jail fast if they are approved for bond, allowing them to be reunited with friends and family and return to their job. If you are uncertain whether or not your loved one is eligible to post bail and get out of jail, we urge you to contact us right away. Our experienced bondsmen have provided bail bonds in South Boston for many years and we can help you determine the status of your loved one’s case. We look forward to helping you.