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Common Factors That Determine Your Bail Amount in Charlotte County

When someone gets arrested, one of the most common inquires defendants or their families have is how their bail amount is determined. There can be many factors that assist a judge in deciding how much someone’s bail should be. The seriousness of the offense is largely considered, as is how likely it is that the defendant will show up to court. In this blog, we will look at the most common factors that determine your bail amount.

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Bail Schedules for Common Offenses

For the most common, non-violent offenses, jails will typically have a bail schedule posted. This is just a list of the price of bail for each offense. Since these are such common offenses, most jails will allow offenders or their bondsman post bail almost immediately. 

The Seriousness of The Crime

Bail will be set at different amounts based upon the seriousness of your offense. If your crime was a minor and non-violent, your bail will be lower. If your crime was more serious or of a violent nature your bail will be higher, and sometimes if the offense is serious enough the judge will not allow for bail to be posted at all.

Flight Risk

The purpose of bail is to ensure that the defendant shows up for their trial. When a person is considered a flight risk it means that they are less likely to show up for court. Many times this is determined by examining their ties to the community. When a person has close ties to the community it is assumed that they are more likely to stick around. Someone who has had the same job for years and has a family is much less likely to skip court than someone with no ties.

Past Criminal Record

When determining how much to charge for bail, the judge considers the defendant’s previous criminal record. The longer the record, the higher the bail. In addition, if the defendant has previously been found guilty of the same crime that they are currently being accused of, their bail will most likely be set a higher amount. 

History of Appearing for Court Cases

Just as the defendant’s criminal record is taken into consideration when determining bail, so is their history of appearing for court cases. If someone has a record for not showing up for their trials, a judge is much more likely to set a high bail, or in some cases not offer bail at all. On the other hand, if you have no criminal record or court cases, that will most likely lessen your bail amount. 

Community Risk

When determining the amount of your bail, the judge will consider whether or not you may be a risk to your community. This typically applies to either violent or negligence crimes. If the judge believes that your behavior could possibly endanger you or anyone in your community, your bail will be set higher.  

Your Income

The amount of your bail may also, in some cases, reflect your income. This is more typical for non-violent offenses so that bail can be posted and the defendant can return to their life while awaiting trial. 

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Don’t Get Your Charlotte County Bail Bond Revoked

So you or a loved one has been arrested and you have gone through the process of hiring a bail bonding company to post a bond on your behalf. You are out of jail, awaiting your trial, and you would like to stay this way. The last thing you want is for your bail to be revoked. 

If your bail is revoked, you will be required to await your trial from jail. Today, we will go over a few simple rules to follow so that you can remain out on bail while you are awaiting your court date. They aren’t difficult rules to follow, but you’ll want to be aware of them so that you don’t find yourself in a jail cell, rather than in your own home. 

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Stay out of Trouble

If you are out on bail, getting into more trouble with the law could cause the judge to revoke your bail — especially if it is a similar offense to the original. You don’t need to be convicted of another crime to have your bail revoked. If you’re arrested while out on bail, the judge can revoke your bail on the basis that you have a higher risk of reoffending or you may even be considered a danger to the community depending upon the seriousness of your crimes. 

It is a good rule of thumb to keep your hands clean and your head down while you’re out on bail. Keep out of trouble and stay away from anyone you know that might get themselves in trouble with the law.

Know the Conditions of Your Bail Bond

Each defendant may have different conditions of their bail, but it is important to understand yours as to not violate any unknowingly. Common bail bond conditions include staying out of trouble with the law, remaining in your state or sometimes your county, and not possessing weapons.

Depending upon your case, your conditions may also include an order for you to maintain or seek employment, the wearing of a monitoring device, or to refrain from contacting anyone else involved in your case. 

Bail bond conditions are a little bit different for everyone, but you are responsible for knowing what yours are. The conditions are there to ensure that you show up for court and sometimes even to protect the community. 

Show up for Your Court Date

If you fail to show up for court, your bail could be revoked. Occasionally, there are instances where defendants do miss court dates; it is important to notify your attorney who will then notify the court clerk. It’s imperative that you notify your bail bondsman of your new court date.

If you miss court and do not go through the proper channels to have it rescheduled, it is likely that not only will your bail be revoked, but the judge will also issue a bench warrant, and you will be held in jail until your new court date.

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What Happens If I Miss Court After Procuring a Bail Bond in Charlotte County?

When you hire a bail bondsman to post a bond on your behalf, you are required to sign a contract that obligates you to show up on your court date. The bail bonding company agrees to pay your full bail amount on the occasion that you don’t show up for court, so they have put their money on the line by agreeing to post a bond, which is something they take seriously. 

Occasionally, clients do miss court dates due to unexpected events occurring. Typically, as long as you communicate — contact your lawyer, public defender, or the clerk’s office — they will allow you to reschedule, and you can simply let your bondsman know without additional repercussions. The key to alleviating any additional bail or fines is communication. 

Today, we are going to discuss what could happen if you miss your court date. However, communication is key to preventing these consequences if you do miss court, and as long as you keep that in mind, most bail bonding agencies will gladly work with you. 

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A Warrant Is Issued for Your Arrest

If you miss court and don’t contact your lawyer or public defender, the judge will most likely issue a warrant for your arrest. At this point, the judge has to assume that you have purposefully skipped your court date and has to take the next necessary steps.

The judge typically issues a bench warrant, which means that when you are arrested, you will be held in jail until your new court date. If you contact the court before your case has been called, you can usually just reschedule without too much hassle. Just make sure that you communicate your new date to your bondsman. 

You May Be Required to Pay a Fine

If you miss your court date without contacting your lawyer or the clerk’s office, the judge can hold you in contempt of court and charge you with failure to appear. This can result in more fines and possible jail time.

The Bail Bonding Company Can Track You Down

When you sign a contract with a bail bonding company, you are signing a legally binding agreement that requires you to appear in court. You are also relinquishing some of your rights, which allows the bail bonding company to find you and bring you to court. If you miss your date, the court notifies the bail bonding company that the rest of your bail is due, and they can hire a bounty hunter to bring you in. 

The Bail Bondsman Can Revoke Bail

If you miss your trial, the bail bondsman can revoke your bail. This means that even if you surrender yourself, you will be held in jail until your new court date unless you can find another way to post bail. Most bail bonding companies will work with you rather than revoking your bail.

The Court Will Reschedule Your Date

As long as you communicate with the court, they will usually just reschedule your court date and no other repercussions will be necessary. Once you have a new court date, you’ll notify your bail bondsman and they will change it on their calendar, and that’s it. 

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Arrested? Call a Charlotte Court House Bondsman First

Regardless of why you have been arrested, your number one priority is to get out of jail fast. Naturally, most people call a friend or a loved one when they need help posting bail to get out of jail because they need someone reliable and trustworthy in their corner. Did you know that contacting a Charlotte Court House bondsman is not only a viable alternative to calling your loved ones, but it is also one that may prove to be more beneficial? It’s true, and in today’s post, we’ll review a few reasons why you should call a bondsman with Affordable Bail Bonding first after you’ve been arrested. Let’s get started.

Three Reasons to Call Our Bondsman First

We Are Always Available

We understand why most people call a friend or family member first, but this may not always be the best way to get out of jail fast unless you know that they are going to be available to take their call. Even if they are available, some people may not answer their phone if they see a restricted number or a number that they don’t recognize. You don’t have to worry about this when you call a bondsman at Affordable Bail Bonding. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer your call and get the ball rolling to restore your freedom quickly.

We Can Contact People For You

You may only be allowed one phone call when you are behind bars, so why not make the most of it? The last thing you want to do is spend another night in jail because you ran out of phone time without being able to get ahold of anyone. Contacting a bondsman first is wise not only because they are always available, but also because they can contact people on your behalf. That means that you can give them a list of contacts they can keep trying after your phone time is up to help expedite the bonding process. Remember, the sooner you get a hold of someone on the outside, the sooner your freedom will be restored.

We Can Help You Get Out of Jail Fast

Lastly, time is of the essence when you are sitting behind bars. It might be comforting to hear a friend or loved one’s voice when you are in jail, but they can’t get you out of jail as quickly as a Charlotte Court House bondsman can. From the moment you call our team, our number one mission is to get you out of jail. All of our energy will be concentrated on this effort, and while we care about your release, our actions aren’t as clouded by emotion as your loved ones’ might be. Beyond that, calling a loved one first also avoids putting unnecessary pressure on your loved ones to act quickly to get you out of jail.

Bail Bonds in Charlotte Court House

Affordable Bail Bonding is your source for affordable bail bonds in Charlotte Court House and we are here to help you when you find yourself in a tough spot. You can rest assured that someone will always answer the phone when you call us looking for a bondsman and you can be confident that we will do everything we can to get you out of jail as quickly as possible. If you called a loved one before us, don’t worry — we are still happy to help them gather the information needed for us to fill out the bonding paperwork for your release. Don’t delay a moment longer. Contact one of our Charlotte Court House bondsmen right away.