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Key Bail Bonds Terminology to Know

Understanding the bail bonds process doesn’t have to be difficult when you have a team of experienced Rocky Mount bondsmen working on your side. Affordable Bail Bonding is here to help you or your loved one get out of jail quickly, but we are also here to make what can be a stressful situation less so. Today, we’ll take a look at a few key terms you should be familiar as you work with our team. Check them out below, then contact us today to request bail bonds services.

Bail Bonds Terms


This is the first court hearing of an accused following their arrest. During the arraignment, the accused will be informed of the charges brought against them so that the Court can confirm their understanding of their situation. The Court will advise the accused of their right to representation, ask them about their plans for representation, and advise them of their next scheduled court date.


The release of an accused individual before their trial under the condition that they appear at their upcoming court date. Release may be contingent upon paying a certain amount of money or the accused may be released on their own merit, or recognizance.

Bail Bond

This is posted on the accused’s behalf to secure their release from jail. There are secured and unsecured bail bonds, and they are usually posted by bail bonds companies. Secured bail bonds are backed by collateral whereas unsecured bail bonds hold the accused liable for conditions of the bond.

Bail Premium

The amount that is paid to the bail bonds company as a non-refundable payment for their services. Virginia law allows bondsmen to charge anywhere between 10 and 15% of the total bail amount for the bail premium. For example, if bail is $5,000, then the bondsman will collect between $500 and $750 for the bail premium.


An individual who is licensed to provide bail bonds services. They act as a surety to pledge money or some type of property (collateral) as bail on the condition that the accused will make an appearance at their scheduled court date.


Something that is offered in place of or in addition to bail money in order to get someone out of jail. Collateral can take many different forms, but more often than not, it is in the form of some type of property. Cars, jewelry, houses, boats, and other types of property can be put up as collateral to ensure the accused shows up in court.

When the case is concluded, the collateral will be returned to the owner, regardless of whether the accused is found guilty or not guilty. If payment is still being made on the bail premium, the bondsman may hold the collateral until payment is fulfilled.

Fugitive Recovery Agent

More commonly known as a bounty hunter, this individual may be hired by a bondsman to locate and apprehend someone who has skipped bail. Bounty hunters are usually hired by bail bondsman with the promise of a monetary reward upon the capture and return of the accused. Their payment is usually between 10 and 20% of the total bail amount. For example, if bail is $10,000, the bounty hunter may be paid between $1,000 and $2,000 upon the successful capture and return of the accused.


If the Court determines that the charges are minor enough and that the accused is trustworthy enough, they may release them on their own personal recognizance. If this is the case, the accused will sign official paperwork that commits them to appear in court as directed as well as abide by any other conditions outlined in the paperwork as a condition of bail.

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