The 5 Most Common Questions About Bail Bonds in Danville

Do you have questions about hiring a bail bondsman? Do you even know where to start? When you or a loved one gets arrested, it’s important to hire a reputable, experienced bail bondsman — someone who will be able to lead you through the process. However, before making contact, you may want to get a few questions answered. Today we will explore some of the most common questions that people have about bail bonds. Read the article and if you still have more questions, contact Affordable Bail Bonding today!

What Is a Bail Bond?

Many times when someone gets arrested, their bail is posted at a rate that is too high for them to afford. The solution to this is a bail bond. A bond is a legally binding agreement that if a defendant does not show up for their trial that the bondsman or bonding agency will be responsible for paying the bail in full.

To explain a bit further, if you cannot afford your bail, you will hire a bail bondsman who will charge you a fee to post a bond on your behalf. Because these bondsmen have certain licenses from the state and are known to be reputable, they are not required to post your bail upfront, but instead post a bond, which is a promise of payment if you miss court. This allows you to only pay the fee to the bondsman, which is typically a portion of your bail, in order to get out of jail. 

How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost?

The purpose of a bond is for you to be able to post bail, even though you can’t afford the entire amount yourself. The bail bondsman will typically charge you 10-15% of your bail, depending upon whether it is a state or federal case. For example, if your bail is $5,000, and your bondsman requires 10% down, you will pay them $500. 

Bail bonding makes getting out on bail much more possible for the average person. In addition, there may also be other legally mandated charges required for your release. These will not be included in your bail, and you will be responsible for them. 

What Should I Know Before I Contact a Bail Bondsman?

In order for a bondsman to be able to help you efficiently, you will have to provide them with some specifics so that they are able to locate the person within the system and provide the proper bond. Information to have ready when you contact a bail bondsman should include:

  • The defendant’s full name, with spelling
  • The defendant’s birth date
  • The name and location of the jail where they are being held
  • Their booking number
  • Amount of bail

Providing this information during the initial phone call will make the process easier and quicker for everyone involved. If you would like to understand more about how bail bonds work, and the complete process, visit Affordable Bail Bonding’s website for a quick overview. 

Will I Get my Money Back After the Case?

When you post your own bail, you’ll receive your money back from the court after you appear for trial. However, when you hire a bail bondsman, the money you put down is a fee for their service. It’s calculated at a percentage of your bail because the higher the bail, the higher the risk that they are taking. 

Posting bail and hiring a bondsman both result in you or your loved one getting out of jail, but they definitely have different costs to them. If your bail is set at an amount you can afford, then you can pay it yourself and get your money back. But the majority of the time people can’t afford to post their bail for themselves so they hire a bondsman. And when you hire someone for a service, you have to pay a fee for that service. 

What if I Miss My Court Date?

If you miss your court date, the first thing that happens is there is a warrant issued for your arrest. You can prevent this by making sure you communicate with your attorney, if applicable, or the clerk’s office. As long as you’re communicating with the court, you should be able to reschedule. If there is a warrant issued, and you’re arrested, you will most likely be held in jail until your next court day.

Make sure you contact your bondsman immediately after you talk to your attorney or the clerk’s office. If you’ve scheduled a new court date, let them know. If you fail to communicate with your bondsman, they have every right to pull your bond and to find you and bring you into jail themselves. Most bondsmen will work with you as long as you provide an explanation and a new court date. 

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Now that you know a little bit more about bail bonds, it will make it easier to decide if a bail bond is right for you or your loved one. If you need a bail bond or just want some more information, contact Affordable Bail Bonding today!