Tips To Help Minimize The Financial Strain Caused By Arrests

Getting arrested and put behind bars is a shocking and overwhelming event that will cause millions of thoughts to rush through your head. For starters, you may be thinking about the actions that lead to your arrest and what sort of repercussions it will bring on your life. Another thought that may be racing through your mind is what financial complications will come from the arrest. Even wrongful arrests can put a dent in your finances.

Whether you or a loved one is arrested, keep in mind the following tips to help minimize the financial strain that can come from an arrest. 

Tip #1: Get Out of Jail Fast

Once someone is arrested and booked, a bail will be posted, depending on their alleged crime. Those who pose a threat to the safety of the community or have an unlikeness to appear for future hearings may be held without bail. Once a bail amount is posted, paying it off quickly is the best way to get out of jail as soon as possible. If you do not have the flexibility in your budget to pay the bail fee, you can always utilize bail bond services. When you work with a bail bond company to get out of jail, you typically only have to pay a small percentage. 

The longer you stay in jail the higher the chances are that your arrest can hurt your career. Spending too much time in jail can lead to too many missed workdays, which can lead to termination. For those who live paycheck to paycheck especially, as well as those that have a family to care for, getting out of jail fast is crucial!

Tip #2: Work With An Experienced Lawyer

With most arrests, you will need to hire a lawyer to defend you in your case. When people don’t have a preferred lawyer, their first instinct is to immediately hire the most affordable lawyer they can find. However, in many cases, it is important to look at the long-term picture rather than the short-term costs associated with hiring a lawyer. Those who work with experienced lawyers that have handled a variety of cases and clients are more likely to help you effectively plead your charges down. Ideally, the accused want these charges to be as minimal as possible, especially if your original charges were felonies. Pleading a felony down to a misdemeanor is an effective way to lessen the amount of time that you spend in jail and any fines that you have to pay. Additionally, should any additional convictions take place in the future, having misdemeanors on your criminal record as opposed to felonies will also lessen the severity of your future sentencing.

Tip #3: Be Cautious of Who You Share Information With

If you aren’t careful about who you share details about your arrest and charges with, you may be faced with severe ramifications on many aspects of your life, including your career — even talking to co-workers can have a severe negative impact on your future with the company. For best practice, try to avoid bringing the news of your arrest to light at work and cover it with a personal or family issue while you get your defense sorted.

Tip #4: Consider Bail Bond Financing

Bringing things back to bail bonds, opting for financing or bail bond payment plans can help ease the financial burden of an arrest. Bail is an unexpected expense, but fortunately, many bail bond companies offer special financing options. Keep in mind, however, that since the nature of each case and the circumstances of each defendant are unique unto them, the financing or payment plan terms will likely differ. If you want to learn about the available financing plans, it is best to contact your local bail bondsman.

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