Top 5 Concerns After an Arrest

Picture this: you’re going about your day as you always do, minding your own business when all of a sudden you find yourself in legal trouble. You’ve been arrested and there is nothing to do now but go through the booking process and then wait for the magistrate to determine your bail amount. As a Top Rated Local bail bonds agency in Halifax, we understand that there are probably many things running through your mind in this type of situation, which is why we are here to help you when you need it most. Check out some of the most common concerns that people have after they are arrested and then call our team to request bail bonds in Halifax.

Common Post-Arrest Concerns

Your Safety and Wellbeing

When someone is arrested, their first concern is likely to be for their personal safety and wellbeing. Recent headlines and news reports have put a strain on the police-civilian relationship so much so that people often don’t feel safe when they are under arrest. However, barring any type of resistance on the defendant’s part, the arrest should go without incident. Attempting to flee from the officer, fighting with the cops, and having an attitude with the police are never a good idea and could potentially cause your arrest to be more difficult than necessary.

Being Reunited with Your Family

Once they are certain that their safety and wellbeing is not at risk, most people’s thoughts tend to shift towards their family. It is never easy to be separated from one’s spouse and/or children, especially when emotions are running high. Beyond one’s immediate family, they may also be a caretaker for elderly parents who rely on help with everyday tasks. Familial responsibilities cannot be taken care of from behind bars and that can place a lot of stress on a prisoner as they await their bail hearing.

Returning to Your Job

In addition to worrying about their safety and getting home to their family, most individuals are concerned with returning to their job as soon as possible, if they have one. They may be the sole provider for their family, or they may just be single with a lot of financial responsibility. Just because someone has been arrested doesn’t mean they are financially irresponsible, and sitting behind bars is no way to make a living. Beyond being concerned with returning to work, some people may worry about whether or not their job will take them back because most workplaces don’t look too highly upon missed time because of an arrest.

Finding Legal Representation

Depending on the charges that someone is facing, he or she may opt to find an attorney to help them prepare for their upcoming court date. This is a task that is hard to do behind bars because it is often necessary to meet with the attorney for a consultation to determine whether or not they are a good fit for the pending case. Sure, the prisoner could have a loved one start doing the legwork for them while they are behind bars by placing phone calls to local attorneys, but this could do a disservice to the person who was arrested if the wrong attorney is chosen.

How to Get Out of Jail

All of these concerns with safety, reuniting with family, returning to a job, and finding legal representation can be boiled down to one primary concern: people want to know how they can get out of jail and how they can get out of jail fast. In cases of minor offenses, some people may be released on their own recognizance without having to post bail. Other individuals may face steep bail amounts that they simply cannot afford on their own. In these instances, reputable local bail bonds providers like Affordable Bail Bonding can help a person get out of jail for just a fraction of the total bail amount.

Need Local Bail Bonds in Halifax?

When you need to get out of jail quickly, you can trust our team to respond quickly to your call for help. We offer local bail bonds that are fast and affordable, allowing you to post bail so that you can be reunited with your family, return to your job, and hire the legal representation you need as you prepare for your upcoming court date. Don’t spend a moment longer than you need to behind bars — call Affordable Bail Bonding 24 hours a day, seven days a week to request bail bonds in Halifax.