Top Tips For Interacting With A Police Officer In Danville

When a cop is in the middle of arresting you, it is easy to feel angry and emotional. Whether your response is to sob uncontrollably or your instincts tell you to fight back, the wrong actions can wind up leading to more trouble than it is worth.

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The reality is that whatever has led to your arrest, there isn’t a lot you can do to change the situation while it is occurring. Down the road, you will be able to fight for your case in court, but during the actual arrest, you probably won’t get far with a defense.

Check out these top tips for how to interact with a police officer during and after an arrest. Remember, we can help you post bail as soon as possible.

#1: Focus Your Efforts On Listening

One of the best things you can do when interacting with an officer is to focus all your energy on listening. Try to remain calm enough to hear exactly what is being said to you. In many cases, a lack of listening leads to an escalation of the situation.

By carefully hearing exactly what is being said to you, you can keep from overreacting and causing the situation to worsen. Try to get a good idea of what the officers are asking of you and why they are detaining you. Focusing on listening also helps to keep you from saying too much, which leads to our next tip.

#2: Only Answer Necessary Questions

Rather than spout off a bunch of information or ramble about your situation, try to only answer necessary questions, such as who you are. The less you say, the better. While you don’t want to remain silent in a belligerent way, you can calmly remain quiet, letting officers know you’d rather wait to say anything more until you have an attorney at hand.

#3: Don’t Fight Or Flee

A sure fire way to make the situation you are in worse than it was before is to try to fight the cops or flee the scene. This will lead to further charges against you. In many cases, the charges you will face for fighting or fleeing will be far worse than the initial charges levied against you.

When your adrenaline is in high gear, which it undoubtedly is during an interaction with cops, it is easy to respond to your natural instincts. After all, as humans, we naturally respond to these types of situations with a fight or flight response. However, curb this instinct as it will only make the scenario graver.

#4: Try To Gather Information About Your Situation

During an arrest, try to gather as much information about what is going on as possible. Nothing is worse than sitting in a jail cell, entirely uncertain about what is transpiring. Ask for basic information, such as why they are detaining you, where they are taking you, and what options you have available.

Not only will this help you make the right decisions moving forward, but it can also allow you to feel like you have some control over your situation.

#5: Cooperate But Don’t Admit Guilt

It is important to cooperate with what officers are asking you to do during an arrest. However, while you do want to be cooperative, you don’t want to go so far as to agree to everything or to admit to guilt. Admitting guilt now could make it much harder for your lawyer to build a quality defense for you down the road.

#6: Post Bail As Soon As Possible

Finally, be sure that as soon as you are given the opportunity, you post bail. Here at Affordable Bail Bonds, we can assist you with posting bail quickly and for an affordable rate. We are a local bail bond company in Danville, serving the surrounding communities. We are on call night and day, so contact us at any point to post bail.