Understanding The Ramifications Of A Bar Fight In Danville

Perhaps you were at a bar and someone said something that really got under your skin. The next thing you know you are in the middle of an all-out brawl. Perhaps you were actually just an innocent bystander but when you saw your friend in trouble, you stepped in to come to their aid. Whatever the case, if you were in any way involved in a bar fight, you could be facing criminal charges.

Bar fights happen for a variety of reasons and, in many cases, it is hard to pinpoint who precisely was at fault. Unfortunately, even if you don’t feel that it is fair, a cop can show up and arrest everyone involved. When you are arrested due to a bar fight, the ramifications can be bigger than you might think. Check out the following information about bar fight charges in Danville, and contact us for fast and affordable bail bonds.

Disturbing The Peace

Let’s say that you were involved in a scuffle in a bar and the staff calls the cops. The fight was mostly just talk and no one was severely hurt. Everyone is off the hook, right? This is not necessarily the case. If you were causing a scene and the cop decides you were being a big enough problem, they can charge you with disturbing the peace.

This could occur because you were yelling at someone, threatening them, calling them derogatory names, or acting in any way that would possibly instigate a fight, you might be facing jail time, fines, and a misdemeanor on your record.

Assault And Battery

In many situations, a bar fight goes far beyond just words. The moment that a fight turns into actual physical contact, the charges you could face are much graver. Assault and battery are two different types of charges, but both could be applicable in a bar fight.

Assault involves the attempt at violence and/or causing fear of bodily harm to the other party. This means that even if you didn’t land a blow, if you caused the fear of bodily harm, you could be facing an assault charge. This will land you in jail and usually includes a hefty fine. In most cases, this is a misdemeanor charge. However, if a weapon was involved, the charges will be different.

Battery is similar to assault except that it involves actual physical contact being made. The severity of the charge will be dependent on how badly the other person was injured. Regardless, a battery charge will land you in jail and cost you a hefty amount in fines.

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Public Intoxication

If your bar fight took you out to the street, you could also be facing a public intoxication charge. Commonly referred to as “drunk and disorderly”, getting into a fight while intoxicated can definitely qualify you for this charge. While public intoxication is far from the most serious charge out there, it can still land you in jail and cost you a fine.

What Happens Next?

If you were recently in a bar fight or you got a call from a loved one who was involved in a scuffle, you might be wondering what to expect next. The severity of the charges being faced will play a huge role in what transpires, but if you or your loved one is being held in jail, posting bail should be top of your list.

How To Post Fast Bail In Danville

The moment you find out someone you know was arrested in a bar fight, it is time to call your local bail bonds company for help. Depending on the situation, a judge will determine what they consider to be a fair bail amount. This bail must be paid in order for the person arrested to be released. A bail bondsman will help make this process more affordable by allowing you to simply pay a premium or percentage of the bail in exchange for their help posting the rest.

If you need affordable bail bonds in Danville, our team is here to help. We will ensure that you or your loved one has the ability to post bail and get out of jail. Remember, at Affordable Bail Bonding, we will always treat you and your loved one with respect. Our goal is to work on your side to handle the bail process quickly and with as little stress to you as possible. Contact us night or day for fast, affordable bail.