What is Life Like in a Virginia Prison?

We have seen it portrayed in movies and television shows, read about it in books and have heard the stories of those who have experienced it, but what do those of us who have never been to prison really know about it? When you are arrested and put into a county jail, there is, of course, the chance that you will not have to go to prison depending on your crime(s). On the other hand, if your charges are serious, you might actually stand a real chance of being put into prison for an extended amount of time. Regardless of which situation you find yourself in, we think it is important that you know what it is like to end up in a Virginia prison. Continue reading below to learn more.

What is it Like to be in a Virginia Prison?

Prison sizes vary and so there is truly no telling what sort of environment you will end up in when you are handed down a prison sentence. In the Virginia Beach jail, for instance, there are about 1,300 inmates with about 52 of those having been accused or convicted of a capital crime like murder.

When you are in prison, it’s a bit of a waiting game as you truly never really know what one moment holds in comparison to the previous, let alone what the days ahead will involve.

One thing you can rely on is a few minor necessities. Inmates are provided with a towel, soap, and toilet paper. Most meals are bland and simple consisting of something as boring as potatoes, beans, and a meat entree. In a cell, you will find the most minimal of amenities: a bed and a toilet, as well as a book or magazine in some cases. Plain and simple, being in prison doesn’t offer many upsides.

Bail Bonds in Lynchburg VA

Working While in Prison

In nearly every prison, inmates are allowed to work so that they can earn money for commissary items. In most cases, prisoners will make somewhere between 70 cents and $1 a day lending to them having to work many shifts in order to afford something they need or want from the commissary.

Not All Prisons are the Same

While we can give you the most basic of information, it is important to know that all prisons differ. There are certainly some prisons in Virginia that are a bit more relaxed while others are a bit more hardcore. Some people chalk up sentencing and placement up to luck while others blame the judge or the severity of the charges. Either way, there is no telling what will really occur if you find yourself facing a prison sentence. The best thing we can tell you is to do whatever you can to stay out of jail.

Affordable Bail Bonding

One of the best ways to ensure you don’t end up in prison is to get bailed out of jail when you have been arrested. You can fight your charges a lot more effectively when you are out of jail and have the help of a competent and helpful attorney on your side. If you find yourself behind bars and you need help getting out, we would suggest you call our bondsman as soon as possible. Affordable Bail Bonding is here for you regardless of what your charges are. Let us help you stay out of prison the best we can!

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