What To Expect If Your Loved One Was Arrested In Chatham

Having someone you love arrested can feel extremely harrowing. You might not have any idea of what to expect. The media’s portrayal of jail can make matters worse. Perhaps you have terrible visions in your head of your child, spouse, or friend facing a movie-like jail scene.

The good news is that you do not have to face this situation alone. Our team at Affordable Bail Bonding is here to answer your questions and help you get your loved one back home quickly. We provide affordable bail bonds in Chatham, and we will be happy to assist you in aiding your loved one with their release from jail.

Check out what you can expect if your loved one has been arrested in the Chatham area. Don’t forget to contact us right away for help posting bail.

#1: They Will Be Fine

First and foremost, relax. Right now what your family member or friend needs most is for you to stay calm. You will be able to help them best if you remind yourself that, while the situation isn’t ideal, it is not the end of the world.

Don’t conjure up images in your mind of scary prisons. Your loved one is simply being detained in jail. They might not be comfortable, but they are going to be OK. When they call you, they might sound scared and stressed. This is normal. However, with your help, they will be able to face this situation without too much distress.

#2: They Will Need To Be Booked And Processed

Before anything further can happen, your loved one will need to be booked and processed. Booking is essentially a record-keeping procedure. Your loved one’s name will be recorded, their date of birth, and the crime they are being charged with. Remember, this does not mean they are guilty. This is simply the procedure for booking. Their final charges will be determined during their court date.

During booking, their mugshot will also be taken as well as their fingerprints. Any personal belongings will be processed as well and held onto until they are released from jail.

#3: They Will Most Likely Be Provided A Bail Amount

Once your loved one has gone through the booking process, they will very likely be provided a bail amount. This bail amount is determined by a judge during a separate process. The judge will consult a bail schedule to find the rough estimate for bail. From here, the judge will factor in things such as your loved one’s previous criminal record, their standing in the community, and the severity of the charges they are facing.

After factoring everything, a judge will dictate the amount that must be paid in order for your loved one to be released. This is called the bail amount. If the number is high, don’t panic. A bail bondsman can assist you in affording bail.

#4: They Can Be Released To Wait For Trial

Once bail is paid, your loved one can be released from jail. At this point, your family member or friend will be waiting for their court date. Their trial will ultimately determine what happens next.

In order to post bail, you will need to either pay the full bail amount or contact a bail bondsman. A bail bond company provides a fast and affordable method for paying bail. You simply provide them with information about your loved one. Next, you pay them a bail premium, which is simply a small percentage of the bail amount. For example, in most cases, the cost will be 10% of the bail. By paying this, you secure a bail bond, which allows for the release of your loved one.

The speed of their release will vary depending upon the jail where they are held. Working with a bail bondsman will make the process as seamless as possible.

If you have a loved one who has been arrested, don’t despair. We are here to help. Reach out to Affordable Bail Bonding right away for help. We are on call 24/7 providing affordable bail bonds in Chatham and nearby areas. Our goal is to put your mind at ease and to allow your loved one to return home as quickly as possible. Contact us today.