Your Guide To Understanding The Purpose Of Bail Bonds In Martinsville

When you are arrested, you can be left feeling fearful about what happens next. If your loved one was arrested, those fears are also present. However, if a judge sets a bail amount for the release of the defendant — whether that be you or someone you know — there is hope.

Once bail has been set, all you have to do is pay the amount required in order to be let go. From here, you can return home and wait for your trial date.

This sounds easy enough, which can beg the question — what is the point of bail bonds? A bail bonds company might seem unnecessary at first glance. However, bail bonds play an extremely important role in our local community. Find out more about why bail bonds matter, their benefits, and how the process works. As always, feel free to reach out with any further questions about affordable bail bonds in Martinsville or a surrounding location.

#1: An Option When Bail Is Too Expensive

One of the top reasons that bail bonds exist is due to the cost of posting bail. In most cases, the amount that a judge sets bail at is far too high for the average person to afford. For example, a judge might allow you to post bail but the amount might be $5,000. If you don’t have thousands of dollars on hand, you can’t afford to get out of jail.

This leads to an unfortunate situation — people waiting for their trial date wind up stuck in jail, incapable of returning to their work. The reality is that posting bail isn’t within reach for many.

This is where bail bonds come into play. Bail bonds make posting bail affordable. They create an option for those of us who don’t have a lot of extra cash on hand. Instead of being asked to pay the full amount of bail, a bail bondsman will allow you to pay a percentage of the bail amount. This percentage is usually around 10 percent of the bail. In our example above, rather than $5,000, you would pay $500 to a bail bond company to get out of jail.

Once you pay the bail company, they post the rest of the bail amount on your behalf. In this way, bail bonds help fuel our local community. They make it possible for people to return to work, to their families, and to seek help prior to their trial date.

If you can’t afford the full 10 percent for a bail bond, don’t dismay. At Affordable Bail Bonding, we also offer financing options. In this way, working with a bail bondsman makes getting out of jail a reality even if you don’t have a lot of money on hand.

#2: A Faster Process Than Handling It Alone

Not only do bail bonds make posting bail affordable, but they also make the process faster. It can be hard to navigate the justice system alone. You are often left feeling extremely uncertain of what steps to take, who to call, and how to get yourself out of jail.

If you are working on behalf of a loved one, you can also face this same dilemma. The end result is that posting bail eats up a lot of valuable time — time that could be better used to prepare for trial and return to normal life.

A bail bondsman will have experience navigating the system. They will know how to post bail as efficiently as possible, which will ultimately lead to a faster release.

#3: Peace Of Mind

Lastly, posting bail with the help of a bail bondsman provides a greater sense of peace. Instead of worrying alone about how you will afford bail or pacing your home restlessly, uncertain of what to do when you receive a call from a loved one, you will have a team on your side who knows the ropes.

Bail bonds make posting bail easy and stress-free. You will be afforded peace of mind as you quickly go through the process of providing information, paying a bail fee, and allowing your bail team to do the bulk of the work.

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